Domain Registration

Your domain name is your website address on the internet and gives you an online identity or brand. We at assertive solution can help you get you domain registered.

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Domain Registration and Renewal Costs

TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew 1 P300.00BWP P350.00BWP P350.00BWP 1 P300.00BWP P350.00BWP P350.00BWP 1 P300.00BWP P350.00BWP P350.00BWP
net 1 P200.00BWP P350.00BWP P350.00BWP
com 1 P200.00BWP P200.00BWP P200.00BWP
info 1 P200.00BWP P200.00BWP P200.00BWP
org 1 P200.00BWP P200.00BWP P200.00BWP
mobi 1 P200.00BWP P200.00BWP P200.00BWP
info 1 P200.00BWP P200.00BWP P200.00BWP
cc 1 P200.00BWP P200.00BWP P200.00BWP
biz 1 P220.00BWP P220.00BWP P220.00BWP
company 1 P360.00BWP P360.00BWP P360.00BWP
ventures 1 P790.00BWP P790.00BWP P790.00BWP
holdings 1 P880.00BWP P880.00BWP P880.00BWP
trade 1 P540.00BWP P540.00BWP P540.00BWP
club 1 P290.00BWP P290.00BWP P290.00BWP
guru 1 P540.00BWP P540.00BWP P540.00BWP
name 1 P290.00BWP P290.00BWP P290.00BWP

Domain Services

We register domain names for existing clients or clients who wish to host these domains with us.

Renewing your domain

If you have a domain registered with us, you will receive a renewal reminder via email. For your convenience, we’ll automatically renew the domain on your behalf, with the renewal fee appearing on your next invoice. Should you decide not to renew your domain, please email us instruction not to renew your domain name.

Transferring your domain

Just as you have to notify people of a change of address when you move house, you also need to inform the Domain Registrar when you change hosting companies. This ensures that traffic is redirected to your new hosting location and your domain name registration record is updated to reflect Assertive Solution's domain name servers.

Domain transfer costs

Exactly like domain registration, domain transfer price varies depending on the TLD you want to transfer. When you transfer a domain, we charge a transfer fee and extend your domain for 1 year from the current expiration date. The extension of the domain is required by ICANN whenever a domain is transferred.


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